Tuesday, October 1, 2013

National Poetry Day


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   Despite the fact that I'm American, I'm all about celebrating the written word. So, though October 3rd is National Poetry Day for the United Kingdom, I choose to help celebrate it. After all, some of my ancestors were from that relative area of the world - I have a bit of Scottish blood in me. I also have a decent amount of Native American blood in me, but that is beside the point. I'm part English. So I can participate in the UK's National Poetry Day, right? 
   Any way, I'm posting one of my own poems today. It'll be included in my short works collection I am due to release before the year's out. 
   This year's theme for National Poetry Day is Water and I have the perfect poem to share. I wrote it in July of last year and hereby share it with my readers.

Eternal Life

a coffin for a shower, who would’ve ever thought
that eternal life could be found in simple water
it runs to catch itself with gravity’s help, like a bus picking up passengers
it has to go a little out of its way for love
it just wants to be closer to atoms just like itself
so simple yet so complex, this love of self
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they’ll say, oh how she loved her baths
but oh they’ll never know what I found in this coffin
their highfalutin ways blind them, they’ll never see
highfalutin, someone angry made up that word: highfalutin
the water is so warm surrounding my frame
I listen to its blurred message
so silent one can only hear when submersed
blood is the answer for Christians, blood and water
blood and water for eternal life in Christ
water is the answer to Heaven, the accumulation is Paradise – so simple and so common a thing
and He put it right in front of our face
water runs through my veins, mixes with my blood
it races to catch itself
to join close with its friends and wait for the end
surface tension
broken by more coming to join in to wait for the end
a crowd of an uncountable number of lives in this coffin
just waiting
just swirling down the drain, waiting for the end

Faye Hollidaye, July 2012

   I hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think, or leave me one of your poems - I'd love to read them. I'd also like to know what your favorite poem of all time is, so feel free to share!